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RadiumBoards HD Camera Cape for BeagleBone Black

The RadiumBoards HD Camera Cape provides a high resolution portable camera solution for the BeagleBone Black platform. The HD Camera Cape is composed of an Expansion board containing the data management circuitry and a Sensor board containing the image sensor and optics. The Sensor board utilizes a high definition Aptina image sensor capable of delivering high resolution images and video with outstanding low light capability with low noise.

Key Features Include:

  • Image capture up to 1280x960 resolution at 10fps (DMA)
  • 720p HD video capture at 30fps
  • Superior low-light performance
  • Ultra-low-power
  • Progressive scan with Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)
  • Automatic image correction and enhancement
  • Adaptive Polynomial lens shading correction
  • Supports Angstrom Linux operating systems
  • Supports Android operating systems


HD Camera Cape For Beaglebone Black comes in two versions:

  1. Fixed Sensor Module
  2. Fixed Sensor Module
    1. Comes with Fixed Camera Sensor Module
    2. No need to adjust the lens focus
    3. Priced at Just $49.99
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  3. Replaceable Lens
  4. a. Without Cable b. With Cable
    Replaceable Lens Without Cable Replaceable Lens With Cable
    Highlights: Highlights:
    1. Comes With M7 Standard Lens Mount Holder
    2. Easily replaceable Lens(which fits in M7 holder)
    3. Priced at Just $49.99

    1. Comes with 2.5" flexible cable
    2. M7 Standard Lens Mount Holder
    3. Easily replaceable Lens(which fits in M7 holder)
    4. Priced at $54.99
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